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Editorial 10/21/2014
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Mad as Hell
presented by Peter Kohler

They’re mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore.

Hear Nassau drivers complain how they were unfairly and repeatedly ticketed by speed cameras without proper warning:

“My husband got four tickets, in one week,” said Amy Nemeth of Plainview.

“We were promised the lights,” said Janet Vaskas of Plainview. “No lights, no signs. Just tickets.”

“I’m almost scared to open up the mail,” said Plainview resident Adam Scarcella. “I’m more scared of the tickets than I am of my bills. I would definitely not pay it. Absolutely not. Cuff me, take me away. I don’t care. I think it’s ridiculous and it’s a money-making scam.”

The stakes are high, because if many citizens—like Adam Scarcella—regard this as a scam, confidence in government and the rule of law could be undermined.

Nassau Legislator Judy Jacobs sensibly argues that the county should call a halt to issuing more speed camera tickets until it installs signs with blinking lights to warn drivers to slow down.

While Nassau Executive Ed Mangano and legislators agree better signs are needed, county legislators remain deadlocked over how to pay for them.

Meanwhile, the Mangano administration has refused Newsday’s requests for information to check the volume of tickets being written, though officials say they will do so eventually.

Eventually? The public needs to know now whether flaws and errors are continuing to plague this system. Remember that Mangano had to declare an amnesty because so many $80 fines were written this summer when schools were not in session.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Nassau Comptroller George Maragos should also hasten to audit Nassau’s troubled speed camera program.

No more cover-ups, not when citizens suspect their government is running a scam.

Tom Handschuh
Farmingdale, NY
I received two tickets within 2-1/2 hours at the same place coming and going to an appointment. Five cars were in the photo with my car. All must have gotten tickets. There were no signs or any type of warning to slow down. I think this is just a money-making scam.

I neither agree nor disagree with the editorial. However, if law enforcement would simply use a ‘two-strikes-you’re-out’ rule, thereby giving the alleged violator one or two written warnings (an opportunity to amend their ways), I feel no one would complain (or should complain). Failure to stop or slow down when indicated can (and does) kill, injure and destroy loved ones. Grow up, obey the laws, which are for everyone to uniformly observe. Incidentally, the fines should progressively double with each occurrence. A child sometimes needs to be reminded, but an adult? Please recognize your responsibility for the good health and happiness of you fellow men.

Holtsville, NY
I don’t understand why anyone needs a warning about the speed cameras. It is against the law to speed. If you get caught, you pay. A posted warning implies that you can speed when it isn’t posted. If I speed and get caught it is my fault and I must pay the consequences. If they make money on us lawbreakers, oh well.

George Holmes
Levittown, NY
I want to know how many accidents have occurred outside these schools that caused someone to think of installing these cameras. Is this need justified and if so, prove it! And if they are needed, then have the cameras operate only at school arrival and departure times, not the entire school day. Instead of cameras near schools, install them on the parkways where so many cars are traveling at speeds 30 to 40 mph over the posted 55 mph. Lastly, show citizens who gets paid how much for each service, and the names of the officials—all of them—who came up with this scam.

Nassau School Zone Speed Camera Locations

Click on red markers to share problems or praise about school cameras with legislators.

Suffolk Speed Camera Sound Off

Tell Suffolk legislators to get the county’s 2015 speed camera rollout right

1st District Albert Krupski Al.Krupski@suffolkcountyny.gov
2nd District Jay Schneiderman Jay.Schneiderman@suffolkcountyny.gov
3rd District Kate Browning Kate.Browning@suffolkcountyny.gov
4th District Tom Muratore Tom.Muratore@suffolkcountyny.gov
5th District Kara Hahn Kara.Hahn@suffolkcountyny.gov
6th District Sarah Anker Sarah.Anker@suffolkcountyny.gov
7th District Rob Calarco Robert.Calarco@suffolkcountyny.gov
8th District William Lindsay III William.Lindsay@suffolkcountyny.gov
9th District Monica Martinez Monica.Martinez@suffolkcountyny.gov
10th District Tom Cilmi Tom.Cilmi@suffolkcountyny.gov
11th District Thomas Barraga Thomas.Barraga@suffolkcountyny.gov
12th District John Kennedy, Jr. John.Kennedy@suffolkcountyny.gov
13th District Robert Trotta Robert.Trotta@suffolkcountyny.gov
14th District Kevin McCaffrey Kevin.McCaffrey@suffolkcountyny.gov
15th District DuWayne Gregory DuWayne.Gregory@suffolkcountyny.gov
16th District Steven Stern Steven.Stern@suffolkcountyny.gov
17th District Lou D’Amaro Lou.DAmaro@suffolkcountyny.gov
18th District William Spencer William.Spencer@suffolkcountyny.gov

Sep 23, 2014
What can Suffolk County learn from Nassau’s inept rollout of school zone cameras? First, avoid the appearance of setting up speed traps to gin up revenue. Suffolk legislators also should avoid introducing camera monitoring next summer, when drivers don’t expect schools to be in session. More important, Suffolk should also alert drivers that they’re entering school zones by using brightly colored signs with blinking lights…
Sep 5, 2014
Nassau County’s reintroduction of speed cameras in school zones this week was more of a make-do than a do-over. None of the failures attending this summer’s flawed speed camera roll out were fixed…
Aug 22, 2014
Back to school will bring costly consequences for drivers caught speeding by cameras monitoring scores of Long Island schools under a new state law. As Peter Schwartz of Wantagh recently told a News 12 reporter…