• Magnet School for HuntingtonMagnet School for Huntington07/2/2013There’s a new lesson plan for the Jack Abrams Intermediate School here in Huntington Station, which could become Long Island’s first magnet school devoted to science, technology, engineering and mathematics education...
  • Huntington Station RisingHuntington Station Rising07/09/2013Busy Huntington Station, where a vital hamlet was destroyed years ago to build parking lots, may rise again on these very same parking lots. Recently, Huntington’s town board unanimously chose Renaissance Downtowns as master developer of a plan to rebuild the community...
  • Huntington Station SecurityHuntington Station Security07/12/2013Last December, a federal judge sentenced Latin Kings gang leader Angel Cordero to sixteen years for terrorizing Huntington Station. Here’s how U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch put it: “In his bid to own the streets of Huntington Station, Cordero turned those streets into a shooting gallery..."
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Editorial 6/10/2011
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Goodbye and Thanks!
presented by Dianne Wildman

Today’s Cablevision Editorial is not an editorial. It’s not even from Cablevision. It’s just a personal message from me.

Here it is: GOODBYE!

This is the last time I’ll be standing here on this set. I’ve given my notice. It’s time to move on.

The archives prove I go way back. I and my various hair styles have commented on enough topics to fill more than 1,500 editorials over the past 13 years.

The subject matter ran the gamut, from state budgets to the state of Long Island Sound. From recycle more to talk on your cell phone less. From crime in the streets to joy in the streets. From thumbs up to thumbs, well, you know…

Somehow we ended up in Bridgeport more often than anywhere else, pushing for solutions we wish had come true by now but have not. Like Steelpointe actually getting built. Or the Congress Street bridge actually getting unstuck. That said, a hat off to the happy news just this week that the money has finally been found for the construction of a brand new Harding High School, so long overdue.

Here’s another of my messages today: THANK YOU!

Thanks to Cablevision for giving me this opportunity. And thanks to you for watching and providing all those “Your Turn” comments. Thanks mostly for telling me on the phone or in person about your lives, your kids, your towns.

We live in one of the world’s most beautiful areas–and most fortunate. I know you know that and appreciate it, too.

From July on, you can find me at dianne.wildman@gmail.com. I don’t plan to retire, just look for a new adventure. But I’ll never forget this one.

Stamford, CT
I hate to see Dianne go. I always said I wanted her job–she was very interesting and kept everyone informed. Thanks Dianne!
George Leith
Greenwich, CT
We will miss you Dianne. You have done such a great job. God bless and I wish you the best.